A Bubble Show is something unique and unusual for your party with beautiful giant soap bubbles to stand inside, and much more. Our bubbles have a fun Wow Factor
The entertainment is interactive and suitable for all ages at parties, weddings, christenings, corporate events, festivals, youth clubs, schools, special schools & nurseries. 

A)  Interactive Bubble Show      including Giant Bubbles to stand inside      
Children's parties      Adults' parties
from £250      60 minutes

Our Bubble Show, enhanced with music, is gentle, informal and lots of fun for children of all ages and for adults. We create a bubble hairdresser, bouncy bubbles, bubbles in bubbles and big lemon-scented rainbow bubbles. At children's parties the birthday child can make these with us. We can also help the children to create their own big bubbles outside if you have garden space and kind weather. We put everyone inside giant bubbles, which they love and adults are welcome to join in. We bring our bubbles down over wheelchair users too.

At children's parties experienced
early years teacher Bonnie will keep the children quietly fascinated for an hour and they join in rather than just watching. 25 children is an ideal maximum. A draught free performance area 3m x 3m is ideal with 2.5m height for the giant bubbles. The floor in your home or venue will be covered so there is no mess for you to worry about.

you like we can also add a touch of science using dry ice to create exciting "smoke" and volcano bubbles and touchable "smoke" filled bubbles for everyone to hold.

B)  Giant Bubbles to Stand Inside 
Childrens' parties      Adults' parties      Youth clubs      Events
Low Cost      Flexible times

We keep creating beautiful giant bubbles for everyone to have turns standing inside. These bubbles are ideal for parties and events where you would like low cost, informal entertainment, without a show, and where you also have a bouncy castle, soft play, face painter, party games etc.

Children can go in a bubble by themselves, with their parents, siblings and friends and can try making their own giant snake bubbles. We make wonderful giant rainbow bubbles for couples or children to stand inside together and bring our giant bubbles down over a wheelchair user. Bubble fun for everyone!


We are on the 
Teletubbies in episode 1:7 Bubbles 


Party Gifts           £1 each

If you would like Hula hoops (75cm diameter) for the children to take home with their party bags, we can bring these to your party.    
Please order via the Contact page.


If you wish, our photographer Dan will photograph everyone inside their giant bubbles. You may purchase these as JPEGs or as mounted photographs or photo key rings ready at your party or event. Please see the Photography page for details.