Dan   FdA in Professional Photography

He will photograph everyone who stands inside a giant bubble at your party or event. Children, teenagers and adults are all welcome to have a turn. 

Very young children can find being photographed a little intimidating, but they can't wait to be put inside a bubble so their smiles come naturally. Dan will capture their sense of fun and parents can be photographed together with their children in a bubble.  

Dan does not set up lights and reflectors but uses natural light to catch the beautiful rainbow colours in a bubble.

Mounted photograph

15cm x 10cm


Photo key ring

50mm x 35mm


There is no additional charge for Dan to come to your event. 


  • Photographs or photo key rings ready for the party bags £5 each
  • JPEGs from £60

Schools, Nurseries and Events

Online Orders:

If you or your child were photographed inside a giant bubble you will have received a reference number. Please send this to us on the 1) Photo Reference Number form below and sample pictures will be emailed to you (as Word documents to view). You may then select photographs or photo key rings you wish to purchase and send us the 2) Order Form below.

Mounted photographs £5 each       
Photo key rings £5 each      
plus postage     1-2 pictures £1     3-5 pictures £1.50     6-10 pictures £2

Please make your payment online to: 

Account name        Bubble Shows

Account number   19742868    

Sort code                  30 90 73

Reference                 Number on your picture (very important so we know who you are)

Alternatively you may pay by cheque to Bubble Shows  PO Box 1091  Buckinghamshire  HP22 9QD. Cheques should be made payable to Bubble Shows with your photo reference number on the back.  

When payment has been received your pictures will be sent to you by Royal Mail within a few days.

1) Photo Reference Number

2) Order Form


Thank you